Joe Gemignani


Sheila Finkelstein Interviewed
Award-Winning Photographer, Joe Gemignani
Monday, April 20th

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On THE ARTIST'S EYE page of his SITE , Joe states:

"After 30 years of shooting for advertising clients, I have different goals to achieve. I shoot what I like. I have more fun now when I am out with my camera—whether in the street, at the beach, or in the country.

It’s the feeling of freedom I have most of the time. I am free to see things as an artist, not just as a photographer. It’s great to be at this point of my life.

Now when I look around me, I see art. I am always looking at details. I am looking for interesting, pretty, different, small, even big, things to shoot. I love alleys, rooftops, doorways, windows, signs.

I want everyone to see what I see—how each tiny detail is an integral part of the whole, beautiful picture."

Photo of bldg as Art - photo by Joe Gemignani
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