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“A life changing experience which helped me to shift my way of thinking and what I am missing every day!  Morgine Jurdan

Break Through Obstacles - Create New Openings

Using Photography - Your Camera - Your Eyes - Group Sharing
Experience the Benefits of:

  • OPENing up Further to the Beauty in Your World - Enhanced appreciation of your day- to-day life

  • DISCOVERing the Unexpected - Provides openings to new ways of looking at things

  • ESTABLISHing Connections - Discover new ways of creating relationships and being in your inner and outer worlds in expanded ways

  • TRANSFORMing Stressful Moments & Communication

Sunset Through the reeds at Wakodahatchee Wetlands


  • For those just starting with a digital camera - Gain comfort using your camera as a tool.

  • For those already taking photographs - Find new sources for inspiration and sharing your images

  • For those who wish - Resources for Understanding your camera and the internet more easily

  • For All - Discover ways to increase creativity, productivity, and enrich communication.

Give Me Course DETAILS

Sunset at Green Cay Wetlands


1. Four one-hour sessions on a teleconference call which includes individual and shared exercises.

2. Voluntary, in-between sessions, Yahoo groups e-mail. Discussion on assignments and new insights.

3. Posting on the web, via the free FlickR program, of instructor's and participants' photos for feedback and experiencing the excitement of different points of view on the same assignment.

4. Classes are recorded to be used for review or should a class be missed.


From Ordinary to Extraordinary: 
Seeing Life - & Experiencing Self - Transformed

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Designed and facilitated by Sheila Finkelstein
Inspirational Image Artist/Photographer/Writer/Coach

Experience life through the lens of your inner Artist, and discover how to see even the ordinary becomes extraordinary within you, as Inspirational Image-Artist Sheila Finkelstein engages your uniqueness to make your inner talents visible to you, right before your eyes....

* Her love, passion and mission in life is opening people to see things in new and different ways resulting in their often having increased self-confidence and a greater belief in themselves.

* With her passion for discovery she finds beauty in the ordinary and turns it into the extraordinary. Looking through her eyes opens up your eyes to the wonders of both your outer and inner worlds. (see SHEILA FINKELSTEIN for more background on Course Originator/Facilitator)


• a new ongoing tendency to look and listen with a different eye/ear;

expanded creativity - beginning once again to paint;
more time writing and including the "senses" in their writing;

• having openings on inner levels, as well as visually and externally;

increased technological proficiency in using their cameras and computers for uploading and transmittal.

Morgine Jurdan“I notice my breath more, my interaction with other people, and my environment.  So much valuable information, I can continue to learn long after the class is over!” 

a year later – “
When I was able to see how I looked at life differently, it made me more creative… Now when I look at my business, I start stepping back and look at other things differently.  It makes me more creative in all areas of my life. In order to be successful we need to step out of the box and be more creative.  It’s creativity that leads to success.”  Morgine Jurdan (see more Testimonials)
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Computer - Digital Camera - Telephone
Classes are conducted on a telephone conference bridge line where participants call into an assigned phone number.
  • PDF file with 10 pages of "Photos that have Made A Difference," one photo per page with a blank space for writing on each page and permission to use them with others with whom you work.

  • Access, on a password protected page, to viewing and spending time with over 100 of my photos from the Chihuly Glass Exhibit at Fairchild Gardens in Miami, FL.

  • Interview with Rufina James, author of MASTER YOUR DIGITAL CAMERA - Learn:

    • How to take powerful and meaningful photos
    • How to capture the essence of your subject
    • The three critical rules to developing your "inner eye"
    • The secret (and never-before-discussed) techniques for unlocking nature's beauty in your photographs
    • How a Quantum Physics discovery can radically change the way you take photographs and add joy to your life
    • Why utilizing your right brain opens up powerful new perspectives

    PLUS - digital photo storage solutions, lighting secrets, composition rules, and much more...

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Four Mondays
from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM EDT, starting April 20th, 2009 - (See WORLD TIME to match the times in your geographic location) or

Four Wednesdays from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM, starting April 22nd, 2009


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Participants in Through and From the Lens teleclass workshops, and subscribers to PICTURE TO PONDER ezine have stated:

Jodi Flesberg Lilly photo“What a great course.  I felt lit up, energized and revitalized.  ‘Inspiration’ is the word that comes to me.  I saw the whole world anew.  I also loved seeing the world through other people’s eyes.

"I’ve been taking pictures since I was 9 years old.  In this course, for the first time, I started noticing how my energy shifted when I had a camera in my hand, how excited I got.  I was able to focus more.  The course assignments gave me a heightened awareness of how to look at things, noticing colors, textures and shapes I had never seen before.”
Jodi Flesberg Lilly

"I’ve learned so much about seeingBlaise with FeatherThat’s the reason I took the class to start with.  It was looking at your photos and your vision helped me to become a better photographer. Now I see differently. I will never see the same way again.  And that’s what I wanted when I started." Blaise Allen

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"This changed the way I look at the world, as I Marion Froese

became so much more aware about details. It intensified my awe for Nature's compositions. If you want to have an experience, that literally changes the way you look at objects, people, and the world in general, take this course".  Marion Froese, Germany

“Actually, as I said, your photos inspired me to take photographs focusing on details and avoiding ugly buildings, fences etc. I live in a beautiful medieval city but the district my flat is situated is not so beautiful, so I decided to cut out the beauty out of urban ugliness. Instead of envying you that you live in that beautiful place in Florida  :) I decided to transform the reality I see into something beautiful.”  - Ewa Nartowska, Poland

Marifran Korb“Not only have you pointed out an alternative to the State of Funk, but you opened a whole new world for me. The biggest effect is that I see 'ordinary' things in a heightened way.

While I did notice things before, it wasn't with the same depth of fascination and it wasn't with quite as many things. Now alert to the magic inherent everywhere, I see nuances. I'm sure I will continually discover more on this new Life of Joy. Thank you for your wisdom and generosity.” Marifran Korb

I SOOOOO appreciate you, your work, and who you are walking in the world!  As you connect with your sweet, beautiful, vulnerable, lovable and "unlovable" (ha ha) parts of yourself and are willing to share them OUT LOUD with your reflections in your Pictures to Ponder, I connect lovingly with those parts of myself too.  And so it is, that we are all so connected.  Thank you for your part in making that visible in such tangible ways.” Anne Smigelsky, Fort Collins, Colorado

“I continue to leverage your work in my own awakening and at times integrate it when working w/my clients. It helps me get grounded and learn my own lessons. From this place it provides me with another creative venue to invoke exploration with my clients.

I have emailed your website to other coaches as a potential tool to facilitate their coaching as well.”  Sam Trenka, Life Coach

Paula Battaglio "It is always a blessing to be invited to step outside of limited ways of perceiving and be open to a larger perspective.  It moves us out of stuck places and opens our hearts and minds to the lessons that are waiting for us, so very close, if we will take but a few steps in a different direction.


In a very gentle, visually stunning and loving way, you offer the opportunity for perceptual shifts that help foster growth.  Great stuff!” Paula Battaglio

Carolyn Gabb“A regular thank you always due ... when you bring so much joy into my week.   Your photographs are always elegant and important ... and your reflections bring so much opportunity for personal thought and growth.

I am reminded this moment of a line from a Morgan Freeman movie in which he plays God... The lead character asks God to please give him courage and strength.  God says:  "I can't give you courage ... but I can give you the _opportunities_ in which to discover courage for yourself.

Your work, and who you are, give me always opportunities to grow and be in the world with greater depth.”  Carolyn Gabb


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