Attention: Those Wanting To Reduce Stress And/Or Expand Their Creativity

Imagine if you could
lion wood knot on Green Cay wetlands boardwalk

  • Reduce Stress
  • Expand your creativity
  • Have increased self-confidence
  • Slow down and be more aware
  • Achieve focus & produce results easily
  • Create new conversations in your life
  • Quickly shift "I can't" to "I can"

AND at the same time, learn how to take and present photos you love to:

  • Display in your home
  • Use in your blogs
  • Create products and much more . . .

In Other Words

What If, By Using Your Camera, You Could Be
More Creative, See Things More
Expansively and Yet Be More Focused?

photo of Sheila FinkelsteinSupporting others in believing in themselves, their individuality and their creativity has been my biggest mission in life.  Eliminating the “I can't”s [“I can't draw a straight line]”, “I'm not creative”, “I'm not good enough” was my biggest goal when teaching art in the public schools. 

My resolve was undoubtedly strengthened when I was told by my first art professor to “drop out of school and join a local guild to satisfy my housewifely ambitions.” I chose to ignore her “advice” and went on to a successful career in public education.

My name is Sheila Finkelstein and my first paycheck, when I started teaching more than 25 years ago, went toward the purchase of a Pentax camera, the second in our family. I can go into a long story here about my wonderful husband Sam, the original photographer in the family, his areas of expertise and ultimately different ones for me, how that impacted our work and more. And, for now, suffice it to say:

The camera is one of my best friends and a valuable tool for personal growth and self-expression, both mine and that of the people with whom I work. It is my deepest pleasure and fulfillment to guide you in experiencing the same fun and unexpected beauty in your own every day life, particularly in the course described below.

What Started Out As A Hobby Has Now Taken On
A Whole New Meaning


During my teaching career and beyond, I mainly used my camera for documenting events and student artwork.  Several of those thousands of photos I took, prior to digital, were published in national art education magazines. In recent years, I have experienced using the camera and photography for dimensions far beyond simply documentation.


Later on I'm going to tell you how using the camera can be used for stress relief as well as empowerment and personal growth, but first I want to tell you something about the training I offer.


Introducing: Through and From The Lens Seeing Course

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Experience the camera as a tool in expanding your creativity adding excitement to your life

  • Increase your self-confidence so that you trust your decisions in your daily life

  • Achieve focus and connect with what’s important to you, experiencing more freedom in making decisions

  • See from a multitude of perspectives creating new openings in your business and personal relationships
  • Shift “I can't” to “I can”, learning to trust yourself and produce results in projects on which you’re working

Tell Me More

Imagine Being Proud of Photographs You Take, Hanging Them On Your Walls, Posted to Facebook,
Or On Your Blog


There came a point as I was documenting, for myself, the story of a major beach reconstruction in my town, when I got clarity on what was exciting me in what I was seeing.

As I began photographing the connections I was feeling, the mood of them, started coming across in my pictures, connecting with others as well. After taking a few thousand photos (prior to digital), I was able to experience myself in a whole new powerful way. I knew right then that I want to share this experience with others.

Again, I could tell you more about my move to Florida, how the camera opened up yet another dimension and we dealing with the Parkinson's Disease that had afflicted Sam and limited so much of what he could do.  Being geographically closer to our sons and their families helped. The fact that we were now living so close to a few beautiful Nature spots aided in the transition.

Being able to share my camera, and different ways of seeing things, with my granddaughter, was an added treat; plus she took some great photographs. 

Sam no longer photographing was able to continue our walking and enjoy pointing things out to me to photograph. it was fun to observe how, although we often saw the same “faces” and other images in trees, rocks, buildings and more, there were always slight variations in how we what we perceived. The experience actually enhanced our mutual pleasure since there was no “right” or “wrong”.

It is this that I'm able to share with you now.


Imagine Always Having A Friend Available,
No Matter What...
That Friend Being Your Eyes, Your Way Of Seeing And Expressing Yourself, And It's All OK

It was at this point that my camera became my best friend. As we walked with my camera, Sam and I began to connect with other nature lovers with theirs, thus making people connections. I also found that walking with my camera offered a tremendous opportunity for stress relief. 

When practicing photographing ANYTHING that catches my eye, there is a shift in focus. The thoughts that were battering around in my head disappeared to make space for the new. Also, being behind the camera, gave me both the control and power that I felt missing elsewhere. The opportunities expanded in the subsequent viewing the pictures on my computer monitor. 

The experiences were so rich for me, and the photos so abundant, that I wanted to share so others could also be inspired by the possibilities, and new ways of thinking, seen in both my photographs and their own. That’s when I decided to start teaching a course to others so you, too, can get excited about things you start seeing both through the lens of your camera and the lenses of your eyes.

In Through and From The Lens you will experience:

Having things easily show up in your life, simply out of setting easy and fun intentions

Being inspired by your own discoveries and accomplishments as well as those of other participants

Renewed energy as you move from the camera to other responsibilities

Excitement and play with discoveries you make in “seeing” in your yourself and your world

Openings for communication with the family members, friends and associates

Community with the other participants and on FlickR

New ways sharing yourself

Expanded possibilities for journaling and/or writing

You will also learn the elements of what makes a good picture:
color, composition, content, concept



Imagine Having Fun Discovering Images in Nature,
Your Kitchen and Elsewhere - Images
To Which You Never Before Paid Attention



In Through and From The Lens Course you get to fully experience your own power and creativity.  As you start observing what does catch your eye and reflect on what’s most intriguing you, you begin to get a new understanding of your own behaviors and, possibly, that of others close to you.


A couple of years ago, I decided to feature on my blog a photo a day of a different vegetable and then thought, “Why not photograph a layer a day of the red onion on the counter.” Deciding it was a great idea, I immediately starting cutting into the onion. I quickly stopped myself, thinking,

“Sheila, this is how you do your life. You jump right in, sometimes without much thought, and your plan was to do a layer a day.”  So I stopped and started peeling. I wound up with some wonderful photos AND put it together as a photo/story, “THE ONION STORY: Peeling Away The Layers of An Onion, Analogous to Peeling Away The Layers of Ourselves.”


Through and From The Lens Includes:

1. Four weekly one-hour sessions on a teleconference call which includes individual and group coaching on insights gleaned between session and their applications to everyday activities.

2. Simple in-between sessions suggested photo focus which opens up new awarenesses and discoveries in one's environment and about oneself AND offers the opportunity for play.

3. Using the 4 C's that makes a "photograph" - more than a "snapshot":
omposition. Content. Concept.

4. Getting comfortable with very basic knowledge of using your digital camera

5. Editing tips including cropping and sizing your photos for web sharing

6. Posting on the web, using FlickR (free program), of instructor's and participants' photos for feedback and experiencing the excitement of different points of view on the same assignment.

7. PDF file for "How to Use FlickR" for uploading, organizing, sharing photos, participating in communities and much more.

8. Voluntary, in-between sessions, group posting.

9. E-mail interaction, as requested, with me.

10. Recordings of Classes.

Computer - Digital Camera - Telephone
Classes are conducted on a telephone conference bridge line where participants call into an assigned phone number. Those who wish can call in using SKYPE at no additional charge. Computer access during the call is desired.


I Want What You're Offering

Suzanne Holman on Through and From The Lens"Last year I had the remarkable experience of being in a class with Sheila. I was feeling as though I didn't have time for something as 'frivolous' as photography. That's something I saw as a luxurious use of time.

Was I ever surprised... how energizing the class was. My creativity seemed to expand in all phases of my business! I found myself looking at everything in my life with new eyes.
Suzanne Holman,

"My perspective has shifted just in the past month because of your class. I am grateful for all the resources you have provided and the new world you have opened for me.

I feel like I am seeing differently already and my camera will stay in my purse instead of in a drawer from now on. Even today I was taking pictures in my office and it was a nice, creative break."

Julie Gabrielli photo with testimonial for pixels and Shoot Photo Courses"Sheila's gentle teaching opened up my inner eye in a way it had never been before. Even though I work in a visual field (as an architect), I rarely (if ever) gave myself the gift of simply looking for its own sake at the simple details of my daily family life. It was like the floodgates had been opened.

I started taking photos of my young son in his darkened room while he slept. Not only are they precious records of a rare resting and vulnerable state, some of them turned out to be surprisingly successful compositions.

Another suggestion of Sheila's was to "take my camera for a walk," and being Spring, there was lots to see and revel in. My son delighted in coming along, picking flowers and taking over the camera at times.

These priceless moments
are the true gift of Sheila's class. The striking, authentic photographs are simply a by-product."
- Julie Gabrielli,

Marifran Korb photograph"Sheila Finkelstein promoted confidence in me for the art of photography. I went from terrified to terrific. Not only did she pixels out an alternative to the State of Funk, but she opened a whole new world for me. The biggest effect is that I see 'ordinary' things in a heightened way.

I now can create in the moment with my camera. It is liberating, exciting, and uplifting. Sheila’s creativity awakened my hidden Artist that I thought was non-existent. It lightens my day to perceive myself and the world from a never-ending fountain of fresh perspectives that I gained from Sheila’s classes.
Marifran Korb,

Blaise "I’ve learned so much about seeingBlaise with Feather
That’s the reason I took the class to start with.  It was looking at your photos and your vision helped me to become a better photographer.

Now I see differently. I will never see the same way again.  And that’s what I wanted when I started."
Blaise Allen,

Paula Battaglio "It is always a blessing to be invited to step outside of limited ways of perceiving and be open to a larger perspective.  It moves us out of stuck places and opens our hearts and minds to the lessons that are waiting for us, so very close, if we will take but a few steps in a different direction.

You offer the opportunity for perceptual shifts that help foster growth.” Paula Battaglio

photo of Jan Phillips"Sheila Finkelstein has been teaching people how to make the most of their point and shoot cameras for several years. One workshop with her will change your whole way of looking at the world and will transform your photographic creativity.

If you're ready to stop taking snapshots and start making photographs, sign up with Sheila. You won't be disappixelsed."

Jan Phillips, author of "God Is At Eye-Level: Photography as a Healing Art:;

I'm Ready For The Course

Special Bonuses

  • Access to a password protected page for viewing and spending time with my photos from the Chihuly Glass Exhibit at Fairchild Gardens in Miami, FL.

  • In and Interview with Rufina James, author of MASTER YOUR DIGITAL CAMERA, you will learn:

    • The secret
    (and never-before-discussed) techniques for unlocking nature's beauty in your photograph

    • How to capture the essence of your subject

    The three critical rules to developing your "inner eye"

    • How to take powerful and meaningful photos

    How a Quantum Physics discovery can radically change the way you take photographs and add joy to your life

    • Why utilizing your right brain opens up powerful new perspectives

    - digital photo storage solutions, lighting secrets, composition rules, and much more...

  • More on Through And From The Lens - Openings and Fun

    Banana curl photo for openings Dried apple face - fun photo

    The focus in this course is developing community and leading you to discover the unexpected in that which we see, or think we see, every day. As you begin to share your photographic discoveries and then experience the of others with theirs and yours, new worlds open up.

    Personifying the onion, shown above, is one example which led to using vegetables and fruits during the course - a means for honoring and looking beyond what we ordinarily take for granted. Seeing objects, people, situations with new eyes, also opens up new conversations with people in our lives.

    Minimal technical "knowledge" or expertise is required. The "connections for what's important" to you occur as you look through your viewfinder and focus on your subject.

    In addition to an expanded view of your world as a result of this program, with a few camera pointers, as well as basic design tips, you will be creating memorable photos. You will have the freedom to also take countless pictures and see how they relate to your life and way of being.

    Yes, Include Me

    More Testimonials


    Morgine Jurdan“I notice my breath more, my interaction with other people and my environment

    When I was able to see how I looked at life differently, it made me more creative… Now when I get stuck, like in business or writing, I realize I can just begin to step back and look at things from many different points of view and step outside the box!

    It is amazing how a photography metaphor can transfer into so many other areas of my life! It’s creativity that leads to success.” 
    Morgine Jurdan,


    "This changed the way I look at the world, as I became so much Marion Froesemore aware about details. It intensified my awe for Nature's compositions.

    If you want to have an experience, that literally changes the way you look at objects, people, and the world in general, take this course
    ".  Marion Froese, Germany


    “Actually, as I said, your photos inspired me to take photographs focusing on details and avoiding ugly buildings, fences etc. I live in a beautiful medieval city but the district my flat is situated is not so beautiful, so I decided to cut out the beauty out of urban ugliness.

    Instead of envying you that you live in that beautiful place in Florida  :) I decided to transform the reality I see into something beautiful.”
      - Ewa Nartowska, Poland

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