Attention: Visionary Coaches and Entrepreneurs who want to be inspired, expand creativity, and have instant access to becoming unstuck

What If, Simply By Using Your Camera,
You Were Able to Break Through Limiting Beliefs?

Experience a New Sense of Freedom and Play?

photo of Sheila FinkelsteinFrom: Sheila Finkelstein

Dear Visionary Coach/Entrepreneur:

Does easing up and finding time for you seem to be an impossibility at times?

Are you open to something EASY and SIMPLE to energize your personal life and/or your business, inspire your creativity, and free you up in any area of your life! Using your camera works for anyone, even if you are a sole breadwinner, entrepreneur, parent and/or caregiver!

I first began using the camera when I taught art in the public schools. It's main use was to document events and student work. It was before digital cameras and my beloved, patient, photographer husband spent hours in the darkroom developing and printing the photos. I can still hear him saying, "Sheila, this is not a movie camera." Nevertheless he continued printing hundreds, probably thousands, of black and white photographs for me. Though that was not the intent, many of them were published in national art education magazines.

More about me later. Now on to the course I developed in recent years, with a sampling of participants' words and works published on the web.

Imagine Being Proud of Photographs You Take:
On Your Walls, On Facebook, or On Your Blog

Macro view of Yellow flower - photo by Irina WardasIrina WardasPhotograph by and picture of Irina Wardas,

Irina came into the course having basic knowledge about photography and Flickr and no knowledge of her new camera.

"Within one week I started feeling my transformation. My eyes were open and my senses awakened, as I learned everything I needed to know in order to start taking decent pictures, share them and enjoy the process. The most important thing is that I found out a new way of relaxation - photography – something we all need in order to lower our blood pressure, have a healthy heart and feel balanced and grounded.

As a certified holistic health and nutrition counselor, I am very happy with Through and From The Lens Telecourse, because it gave me new ideas for business projects."

poinsetta photo by Adela RubioAdela Rubio portrait
Photograph by and picture of Adela Rubio - who reluctantly used her camera, prior to the course.

"I got a sense of play. I freed myself from rules and the limiting belief that I sucked at photography. Yet I posted pictures that had 40 something comments on Facebook.... There were specific directions that you gave for us, like these play dates that we had with the camera. And through the play I discovered things. I was even surprised. Surprised at the pictures I came up with. I thought, 'Whoa! That's pretty good.'

It gave me a sense of accomplishment right away and confidence that I can take pictures. Now I actually think about things like composition, which is hysterical for me."


Seeing with New Eyes in the
Through and From The Lens Telecourse

In Through and From The Lens you will experience:

red check mark the Thrill of Accomplishment

red check mark Achieving focus and connecting with what’s important to you, experiencing more freedom in making decisions

red check mark Having things easily show up in your life, simply out of setting easy and fun intentions

red check mark Being inspired by your own discoveries and accomplishments as well as those of other participants

red check mark Renewed energy as you move from the camera to other responsibilities

red check mark Excitement and play with discoveries you make in “seeing” yourself and your world

Photograph by and picture of Tomar Levine

"As an artist, I've been in love with my camera for years. Yet in taking Sheila's class I experienced a breakthrough. I started taking 20-minute jaunts with my camera, on breaks between appointments. This quick plunge into looking and seeing is exhilarating, makes me feel more alive and joyful in minutes. I now take my camera with me everywhere for impromptu infusions of energy and inspiration.

Sheila also challenged me to expand my habits of seeing with her creative assignments. I realized I'd fallen into ruts of the familiar. Her class had me engage with the world more intimately and with constant curiosity. Using my camera is the quickest way I know of stepping out of my everyday consciousness into the freshness of the here and now."

Expanding Belief in Oneself

When my teaching position was eliminated, due to decline in enrollment in our school system, I found myself using the camera in new ways. At first I was still "documenting", photographing trucks and visual changes that were occurring during a major beach restoration in the township in which I lived. Gradually I began to open up to the excitement of the mechanical and natural wonders I was seeing "through my lens" in any situation.

Taking thousands of photos, color and store-processed, of whatever attracted my attention began a whole new expansion of my self-image.
Both the process and viewing the resulting photographs, also freed me up to create new art forms with my photo/drawings. After some resistance, I began expanding my computer and Internet knowledge, establishing a web presence and selling my work.

Freeing Oneself Up When Stuck
as a Caregiver or in Life in General

Then Sam was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. After a few years we moved to Florida to be geographically closer to our sons and their families. Unbeknownst to us when we bought our home, we found ourselves very close to a few natural areas and discovered the healing powers of nature. Once again, the camera opened up new dimensions.

bnaana pod curlFor a period of time one of my biggest stress-relievers was using my camera to record the growth of a rapidly growing banana plant. I loved the unfurling of the petals of the pod as they slowly revealed the growing bananas. Equally fascinating, as I looked skyward, was the play of light and shadows on the leaves.

Once I downloaded the photos onto my computer and surfed through them in a slide show, I discovered I was experiencing almost instant relief from the stress and anger I had over the debilitating effects from Parkinson's that was taking its toll on Sam. Watching my photographs was almost as healing as being out in nature.

Then there were our together times. Sam, no longer photographing, was able to continue our walking and enjoy pointing things out to me to photograph. It was fun to observe how, although we often saw the same “faces” and other images in trees, rocks, buildings and more, there were always slight variations in our perceptions. The experience actually enhanced our mutual pleasure since there was no “right” or “wrong”.

Camera as Best Friend - Shifting Focus

It was at this point that my camera became my best friend. As we walked with my camera, Sam and I began to connect with other nature lovers with their cameras. It provided "safe" people connections important to us. I also found that walking with, and using, the camera offered tremendous opportunities for stress relief. 

When practicing my, now, mantra, "Photographing ANYTHING that catches your eye," there was a shift in focus. The thoughts that were battering around in my head disappeared to make space for the new. Also, being behind the camera, gave me both the control and power that I felt missing elsewhere. The opportunities expanded in the subsequent viewing of the pictures on my computer monitor. 

The experiences were so rich for me, and the photos so abundant, that I wanted to share it all, inspiring other to experience their own possibilities and new ways of thinking. The inspiration would come from both my photographs and their own. That’s when I decided to start creating and teaching courses so you and others can get excited about things you start seeing newly both through the lenses of your cameras and the lenses of your eyes.

Photo of sunset in glass by Lynn WardPhoto of Lynn WardPhotograph by and picture of Lynn Ward

"Your class was one of the beautiful things I did for myself last year and I still brighten up to think of getting my camera out. Now when I'm stuck or need a change of pace, I take a photography break. It's amazing how much playing with colors and shapes and new ways of looking at the world energizes me!

Sheila also gave me a lot more confidence about my photography and made it easy to learn how to share it."

Imagine Having Fun as You Find the Beauty
in Ordinary Images in Nature, Your Kitchen and

Dried apple face - fun photoIn Through and From The Lens Course you get to fully experience your own power and creativity.  As you start observing what does catch your eye and reflect on what’s most intriguing you, you begin to get a new understanding of your own behaviors and, possibly, that of others close to you.

A couple of years ago, I decided to feature on my blog a photo a day of a different vegetable and then thought, “Why not photograph a layer a day of the red onion on the counter.” Deciding it was a great idea, I immediately starting cutting into the onion. Then I quickly stopped myself, thinking,

“Sheila, this is how you do your life. You jump right in, sometimes without much thought, and your plan was to do a layer a day.”  So I stopped and started peeling. I wound up with some wonderful photos AND put it together as a photo/story, “THE ONION STORY: Peeling Away The Layers of An Onion, Analogous to Peeling Away The Layers of Ourselves.”

Through and From The Lens Includes:

1. Four weekly one-hour sessions on a teleconference call. This includes individual and group coaching on insights gleaned between sessions and their applications to everyday activities.

2. Experiencing the visuals as a group through the desktop sharing FreeSee program.

3. Simple suggested photo focus activities, in between sessions, that open up new awareness and discoveries in your environment. They also offer the opportunity for play while you learn a lot about yourself.

4. Using the 4 C's that makes a "photograph" - more than a "snapshot":
olor. Composition. Content. Concept.

5. Getting comfortable with very basic knowledge of using your digital camera

6. Editing tips including cropping and sizing your photos for web sharing

7. Posting on the web, using FlickR (free program), of both participants' photos and mine. There is open feedback and you get to experience the excitement, and safety, of different points of view on the same assignment.

8. PDF file for "How to Use FlickR" for uploading, organizing, sharing photos, participating in communities and much more.

9. Recordings of Classes.

Computer - Digital Camera - Telephone
Classes are conducted on a telephone conference bridge line where participants call into an assigned phone number. Those who wish can call in using SKYPE at no additional charge. Computer access during the call is required.



What If You Did Have the Time for:

Yourself and Your Camera?

omelet on plate by Suzanne HolmanSuzanne Holman photoPhotograph by and picture of Suzanne Holman,

"I had the remarkable experience of being in a class with Sheila. I was feeling as though I didn't have time for something as 'frivolous' as photography. That's something I saw as a luxurious use of time.

Was I ever surprised... How energizing the class was! My creativity seemed to expand in all phases of my business! I found myself looking at everything in my life with new eyes."

Including Your Family?

Julie Gabrielli's  photo of her sonPhoto of Julie GabrielliPhotograph by and picture of Julie Gabrielli,

"Sheila's gentle teaching opened up my inner eye in a way it had never been before. Even though I work in a visual field (as an architect), I rarely (if ever) gave myself the gift of simply looking for its own sake at the simple details of my daily family life. It was like the floodgates had been opened.

I started taking photos of my young son in his darkened room while he slept. Not only are they precious records of a rare resting and vulnerable state, some of them turned out to be surprisingly successful compositions.

Another suggestion of Sheila's was to "take my camera for a walk," and being Spring, there was lots to see and revel in. My son delighted in coming along, picking flowers and taking over the camera at times.

These priceless moments
are the true gift of Sheila's class. The striking, authentic photographs are simply a by product."

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Not Necessary, I'm Ready For The Course

Special Bonuses

  • Recorded Interview with Dewitt Jones, internationally acclaimed NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC photographer and keynote speaker

  • Recorded Interview with Rufina James, author of MASTER YOUR DIGITAL CAMERA, in which you will learn:

    How to capture the essence of your subject; the three critical rules to developing your "inner eye"; how to take powerful and meaningful photos; How a Quantum Physics discovery can radically change the way you take photographs and add joy to your life; Why utilizing your right brain opens up powerful new perspectives;

    PLUS - lighting secrets, composition rules, and much more...

  • Summary

    Minimal technical "knowledge" or expertise is required. The "connections for what's important" to you occur as you look through your viewfinder and focus on your subject.

    In addition to an expanded view of your world as a result of this program, with a few camera pointers, as well as basic design tips, you will be creating memorable photos. You will have the freedom to also take countless pictures and see how they relate to your life and way of being.

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